Dragons of New York

Bloodless bodies create a chilling pattern of deaths related to magical jewelry,
forcing a dragon and a sorcerer to stop a magical serial killer.

A dragon terrified of being discovered by the government, Ravenna Drake is constantly on the move. When the woman who raised her gets cancer, Ravenna trades her nomadic work restoring black market magical goods for a steady job. But her cautious life ends after her name is found at the scene of a werewolf murder.

Dr. Ian Chen, a sorcerer bonded to a powerful relic, works for the government treating supernatural citizens. He insists on investigating when his patient’s body is discovered completely drained of blood. His search leads him to the beautiful but frustrating Ravenna Drake, who refuses to stay away from the case or follow his instructions.

As more bloodless bodies surface, threats from secret societies and corrupt politicians force the dragon and the sorcerer to work together. If Ravenna and Ian can’t catch the killer, the people they love the most may be the next to die.

Enjoy the first book in a new series with a steamy, slow-burn romance, sassy magical beings, and a complicated magical mystery, available on  Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.



Urban fantasy featuring strong heroines, their wonderful friends, and sexy heroes. Murder mysteries and police procedurals with ghosts and demons. Supernatural stories where sexy meets scary.

Rachel Graves writes detective stories with a spooky or sexy twist (sometimes both!). Click on the books above to learn more about her published works. A member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Rachel uses research skills honed while getting a graduate degree in psychology, to create diverse magical worlds. A devout fan of Halloween, Rachel has lived in a cursed town and taken far too many ghost tours.

What I’m working on:

  • Creating the next magical mystery for the Dragons of New York series
  • Editing my Death Witch Series for a relaunch in the Summer of 2023
  • Getting Cover Art for the next Elisabeth Hicks, Witch Detective book

Book cover for Dumping Her Demon, shows a woman in front of a demonic star

Dumping Her Demon

Can Demonology professor Sarah Prescott rekindle the best relationship of her life and save the world from destruction at the same time?

A romantic comedy about fighting demons. Trigger warnings for several bad puns, vivid descriptions of demonic attack, adult situations, and mild curse words.

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MissingSuspectedDead 1

Missing, Suspected Dead

Baby sitting a kidnapped werelion and tracking down missing werewolves, all while trying to avoid her sister’s wedding to Hollywood Royalty.

Trigger Warning: Explicit romantic scenes between consenting adults, vampires, and witches with detailed erotic descriptions, suggestive language, and cuss words.

Elisabeth Hicks, Witch Detective Series