Dead Man’s Detective

All ex-army witch Elisabeth Hicks wants for her twenty-fourth birthday is to keep the small-town gossips from staring at her artificial limbs. Instead, she’s pushed into helping an army buddy on an illegal job for the scariest vampire in town. Her magic tells her the vampire is lying but it’s too late to walk away. Things go sideways, and her first date in years ends when she finds her friend’s dead body. The body disappears from the morgue, and a deadly, magical, necklace winds up in her lap all before she gets to her birthday cake. Now a sexy master vampire will kill her if she doesn’t use magic to find the woman he loves, and the police refuse to investigate the murder. It’s up to Elisabeth to protect her family, solve the mystery, and survive long enough to go on a second date.

Dead Man’s Detective, the first book in the steamy Elisabeth Hicks, Witch Detective series, is available from Amazon and included in the the Kindle Unlimited collection.


Curious? Enjoy a taste:

“I met her when she was sixteen, when Marie picked out a husband for her. I arrived for the betrothal ball.” I watched the images flicker through his mind of Josephine laughing, smiling, dancing, her smile lighting up the room. “Marie called me there to distract her from her age. The minute I saw Josephine I knew I could not visit her mother’s bed again.”

“What made you love her?”

“She saw everything and everyone as good. Even in the darkest of situations she found some light. She was light. She lit a room in a way no candle could. But she was as fragile as a flame. Marie kept her all but cloistered. There were so many things she did not know, so many things I longed to show her.”

“But you did, eventually? Right? You guys got your happily ever after.” I floated along, but the drug was wearing off. When he’d first spoken of her, I’d had a thousand memories to sift through—balls and dinners, dancing and walks in a garden—but now I was getting less and less.

“We had many happy times, but ever after remains to be seen.” His voice stayed level, controlled, but his memories weren’t. Maybe I was only getting the strongest, who could tell? But what I was getting was worth it. His happy times were decidedly explicit. Josephine’s face came to me in dozens of different ways, all of them as an orgasm took her body. I swallowed hard, but I didn’t stop looking. Josephine naked or half undressed. Her body underneath him, on top of him. The way she learned from him, letting him teach her what to do in countless beds. More modern memories filtered in where she shared women with him, seducing with him at her side. She pressed herself against him in 1960s orgies and, time rewound, in turn-of-the-century brothels. The memories came to me at lightning speed. A crazy mix of dates and locations entwinned with so much pleasure and love that I couldn’t stop looking at it.

“We have arrived,” he said softly, breaking my review of his very private thoughts. My cheeks burned with guilt.

“Why are you being so nice to me? You’re one of the bad guys, the black hats, you shouldn’t be like this.” I asked the question with him sitting across from me, but he answered it opening up my car door.

“Perhaps the world is not as black and white as you imagine. Or perhaps I am not black, but dark gray?”

He walked me up the steps and unlocked the house with my key while I leaned against the brick. He opened the door and I stood in front of it, not sure what to do next.

“Eat before you sleep, little spirit witch.”

I thought that would end our conversation, but instead, he kissed me. A long kiss, our bodies pressed together so tightly I knew I hadn’t been the only one remembering sex with Josephine. It was her face he saw when he kissed me, her body he was hard for. His fingers rested on the edge of my chin, tilting my face up so his kisses came easy. His blond hair swirled around my face, tickling my cheek as he pressed his lips against mine again, erotic memories playing in both our minds.

“Bring her back to me,” he whispered. Before I could reply he was mist, gone on the breeze.