Fire in Her Blood

The cover shows a young woman standing in the center of a city. She's surrounded by flames as everything burns.
Can Mallory catch the killer before the city burns?

Death witch and Detective Mallory Mors arrives at the scene of an out of control arson called by a victim who desperately wants to die. Using her powers, Mallory battles the strongest fire witch in town to help the woman cross over.

When she’s forced to work with the angry fire witch, she discovers their lives are linked in complicated ways. As all the other fire witches in the city mysteriously lose their powers, the heat is on to solve the case. Saddled with a vampire assault at the local supernatural brothel, a missing person who doesn’t want to be found, and a mess of vampire politics, Mallory struggles to put together the pieces before the city burns.

Fire in Her Blood, the second novel in the Death Witch series is now available for order from most major book sellers:


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This story is set roughly three months after Under a Blood Moon,


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