Under A Blood Moon

Mallory Mors, death witch and detective with Baton Rouge’s Supernatural Investigative Unit, controls every aspect of death; she can even touch a dead body and know how it died. When she’s called to the scene of the city’s first zombie attack her magic leads to a voodoo queen who claims to be controlled by werewolves.

The Werewolf Protection League, a political organization fighting for werewolf rights, insists they have nothing to do with the killings. As the kidnappings and murders continue, everyone becomes a suspect. Aided by her boyfriend, a six hundred year old vampire, and all the supernatural citizens of her city, Mallory fights to close a case that may claim her life.

Under A Blood Moon is now available for order from most major book sellers:


Barnes and Noble


Want to read more? Some short stories from Mallory’s world made it to my blog:

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And sometimes I talk about her and her world:

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Diversity in Mallory’s World







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