Making plans for the upcoming year is one of my favorite parts of January. I’m a sucker for a new journal, progress chart, or word count tracker. Ironically, my publishing plans live in a very boring calendar view spreadsheet. So instead of sharing a picture of excel, here are my 2022 plans: self-publish three books and republish another three.

Dumping Her Demon: A romantic comedy inspired by Beauty and the Beast – specifically how boring the Beast becomes after he goes back to being human. He’s just yet another pink skinned pretty-boy. Yawn. Why would the heroine ever stay with him? This fun hell-pun filled romp will come out in the Spring. The story has no on page adult scenes but plenty of fierce action scenes, with demons fighting Swiss guards who brought their rocket launcher all the way from the Vatican.

Dragon book: The Dragon book of my heart is still untitled, but it’s with my editor now. I’m hoping to have it in your hands by early fall at the latest. While Latoya, my amazing editor, works her magic I’m already developing the next book in this series. During my hunt for cover art for Dumping Her Demon, I found the perfect cover art for the first and second dragon story. With a bit of luck, I might even be able to get book 2 out this year.

Mallory Mors, Death Witch Books: Rights to this trilogy won’t fully revert back to me until May 2023, but thanks to my wonderful publishing attorney, eBooks may be available again as early as this summer.  Please be wary of book sellers claiming to have paperback copies for sale for more than a hundred dollars. Paperbacks will be back in stock with the eBooks, for a much more reasonable amount.

Elisabeth Hicks, Witch Detective, Book 4:

A handful of scenes have been written and the outline is coming along for the next Hicks book. This is the book that’s waking me up in the middle of the night to write, so I expect the first draft to go fast.

Along with all that writing, editing, and publishing I’m also going to be moving (again, move #14 to state #5), reading (my goal is 50 books), and starting a new day job. Other things this year: the DragonCon Urban Fantasy track has been kind enough to offer me a place in their Supernatural rewind monthly YouTube series. Watch us live if you’d like to listen to me wax on about one of my favorite TV shows. If I’m lucky, I’ll be speaking at DragonCon in September as well. Otherwise, I’m hoping 2022 will be a quiet, healthy, and productive year for all of us.