Elisabeth Hicks, Witch Detective

An urban fantasy with explicit romantic scenes between consenting adults, vampires, and witches. Supernatural Noir mysteries and scandalous intrigue in a small town setting. This series is intended for mature audiences. Do not purchase if you are offended by suggestive language, cuss words, or erotic writing.

Dead Man’s Detective

All ex-army witch Elisabeth Hicks wants for her twenty-fourth birthday is to keep the small-town gossips from staring at her artificial limbs. Instead, she’s pushed into helping an army buddy on an illegal job for the scariest vampire in town. Her magic tells her the vampire is lying but it’s too late to walk away. Things go sideways, and her first date in years ends when she finds her friend’s dead body. The body disappears from the morgue, and a deadly, magical, necklace winds up in her lap all before she gets to her birthday cake. Now a sexy master vampire will kill her if she doesn’t use magic to find the woman he loves, and the police refuse to investigate the murder. It’s up to Elisabeth to protect her family, solve the mystery, and survive long enough to go on a second date.

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Hollywood Dead

When a shadowy killer starts hunting down members of the government’s elite torture squad, Spirit witch and private detective Elisabeth Hicks is forced to confront the darkest parts of her lover’s past. He tried to leave the world of spies, torture, and magic behind but something is coming for him, and it wants vengeance.

Then a second danger emerges: her kid sister falls for a seemingly perfect movie star. But death threats and poisoned drinks don’t usually follow a night out. Is he the victim of a dangerous magical Hollywood organization, or willing participant in their plans? Finding out gets complicated when a car runs her off the road and the vampire who’s helping her ends up drained dry.

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Missing, Suspected Dead

Her kid sister’s bridal shower is just one of the things making Spirit witch and private detective Elisabeth Hicks crave a vacation. The second thing? The cat she agreed to watch turns out to be a kidnapped baby werelion. A visit from a mutilated ghost proves the baby’s parents are killing their way toward him. Saddled with an adorable pint-sized problem, Hicks rushes to reunite the family before the violence comes to her.

Another thing – the werewolves related to her boyfriend are in town. Members of their pack have been disappearing, probably killed. It’s a family reunion no one wanted but the wolves won’t leave until someone agrees to help.

If she wants to live to take a well-deserved vacation Hicks needs to return the baby werelion and figure out where the wolves are going, all while she helps plan her sister’s wedding to Hollywood royalty.

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