A few random things:

Best. Meeting. Ever.

Last Tuesday, my blog stayed uncharacteristically silent, largely because I was at the most fantastic meeting of my life. As someone with day jobs both federal and private, I’ve attended more than my fair share of meetings. When I say this meeting was the best, I have several to compare it against, and I mean it: no meeting has ever been better than meeting my editor at Tor books.

Somehow in the midst of the fantastic meal, the brilliant conversation, and the moments made of sheer win when my editor and I shared our enthusiasm for some obscure piece of SciFi-Fantasy culture, I decided to neglect my blog. Sorry about that. I can tell you that my editor is an amazing woman, the kind of person I wish I had for a best friend. The Tor offices are close to my idea of heaven: the walls are lined with books I want to read, the people are friendly, and everyone loved books as much as I did. I’m very excited to work with the Tor team.

T-minus 60 days….

As of today, there are less than 60 days left before DragonCon. I gushed about DragonCon earlier, so I’ll try not to repeat myself, but I will prattle on about my preparations.

I’ve ordered a new costume, an official pirate costume. I debated the purchase for three years. As someone who loves playing dress up but lacks sewing ability I rely on costumers and tailors to create their vision. When it comes to pirate costumes, that vision didn’t match mine, perhaps because I prefer cocoa brown over black. (It seems most pirates wear black, who knew?) I’ve found a new costumer and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that come in as planned. With a little luck you’ll see me in the halls of the Marriott with a bodice that matches the pirate hat I made myself a few months ago.

I’ve also started packing, the fairy wings, matching skirt and corset are set and ready to go. If that seems incredibly early to you, I’d like to pass along some DragonCon wisdom:

Ship your clothes.

My clothes go FedEx Ground. The shipping costs roughly $30 each way, that’s five dollars more than the check baggage fee. While I do have to ship five business days before the Con to ensure everything arrives, I have the reassurance of tracking my luggage every step of the way. I get a confirmation email when the luggage arrives at the hotel. I don’t have to hassle with luggage at the airport, or worry about getting into a cab. I don’t even have to lug it up to the room, I just call the front desk and a very nice young man brings my luggage to the door. So while the accelerated packing timeline can be a bear, I feel it’s completely worth it.

In a way this year’s DragonCon brings a little sadness. I’m hopeful that next year I’ll have obligations to the Writing Track. In my fantasies, I spend DragonCon 2012 on panels, doing book signings, and networking with other writing professionals. None of those are things I’m comfortable doing in four ft. tall fairy wings. This may be my last chance to costume outrageously, and I assure you’re I’m going to enjoy it.

And, the last, very random thing, I’m looking for recommendations for classic American authors, people like Faulkner and Hemingway. Actually, what I’d love is an online book club that reads classics. Any suggestions?