A quick note: I’m in the middle of moving, starting a new day job, and the general chaos that I love and love to hate. I know I’ve neglected my internet responsibilities, and for that I apologize. Unfortunately, I’m still a bit busier than I’d like to be, so for now a scene that I always meant to turn into something more will have to do.


“My father’s house has many rooms,” Lucifer muttered under his breath. Many rooms and he was always in the wrong one. The atrium, he remembered, it was Wednesday so they meet in the atrium. Hurrying there he found his Heavenly Host pulling a dead leaf off one of His house plants.

“Late again…”

A dig, just a little one, enough to show who was really in charge around here. This is why I hate visiting, Lucifer thought. “I thought we were in the apiary.”

“That’s Mondays,” God corrected. “I’ve been thinking about Job lately.”


“It was fun, wasn’t it? Seeing his faith win out over everything.”

“Destroying his crops, killing his family, ruining all he enjoyed, yeah, fun.”

The Lord gave His most difficult angel a dirty look. “We haven’t done anything like that in eons.”

“You stopped interfering that way a while ago.” Lucifer reached out to the plant the Almighty had been fiddling with. It immediately died.

“I decided intervening caused more trouble then it was worth.” God reached over, caressed the leaf of the plant and made it spring back to life. “But lately… I’ve been thinking it might be a good idea.”

“If you think so it must be.”

God frowned at his hollow praise. Lucifer could be a tricky one, not like the other yes-man angels He kept around the joint. Still it seemed like a fine idea. “I’ll let you start this time. Pick anyone you want.”

“Anyone?” Lucifer raised an eyebrow, the plant and the snide remarks immediately forgotten. He didn’t usually get carte blanche. Heads of states, elder church men, so many options danced in his mind.

“Anyone,” the Lord waved His hand in absentminded dismissal. “But Lucifer? I’m playing too.”

“Of course, of course.” The dark angel rushed out of the room. There was a lot to do before they met again on Friday. Friday in the Zen Garden, he reminded himself.