Happy Halloween! Joyous Samhain! A Blessed Día de Los Muerto!

My house has been decorated for almost a month the a six ft spider’s web hung by the door, a window dressed with glowing flames, a pair of ghosts on the garage, and a trio of jack’0’laterns on the porch. In the highest window my favorite part of the decorations: a single skull and a bouquet of dried roses.

The falling leaves always remind me of the people I’ve lost. Tomorrow is the day set aside for them and all the others who have passed.  I’ll make their favorite dishes, this year it’s Hungarian chicken paprikash, mashed potatoes, and a homemade apple pie. I set a place at the table for them, a symbol of how I wish I could have one more meal with those people.

And I’ll give out candy, too, taking part in the fun side of Halloween, that dancing delight in the fleeting moments of life. My costume is a fairy princess, I’ll take any excuse to wear my wings and a sparkly tiara. Hurricane Sandy rained on my parade, canceling the haunted hayride but it’s still my favorite holiday, the best time of year.

However you celebrate I hope your night is exactly how you want it to be.