In an effort to bring something good out of my father’s death (he was hospitalized on Thanksgiving and died just before Christmas) I’ve written a blog post for Off Beat Home about hospice care and the logistics of death in our modern era. Offbeat Beat Home is a great place for people who dance to a different drum. I’m on their site just about every day. It’s an honor to be able to contribute.

So, in case anyone wanders over to my blog I thought I’d recap my favorite posts of 2013:

*A girl’s best friends 10/13
A short story about a bullied little girl and the haunted dolls who defend her.

Chocolate – A Love Story 6/25
A monster who can’t eat chocolate and a girl who can’t afford it share an indulgence.

*Night Train 4/27
He didn’t take a ride as a little boy, but the Night Train has found him again.

*Possession 1/6
Do you have to exorcise your mother’s demon?

Bonus favorites from years past:

2012: The Creek People They did what they had to do, and now they’ll never escape.

2011: Want a Taste? Spousal abuse and poison, every way out has consequences

Posts marked with an asterisk (*) are my nightmares. Thanks to a small bit of brain damage (more details) I dream more often than most people. At least this way, all those dreams go to good use.

My goal for the blog for 2014 is bi-monthly updates, around the 15th and the 1st with at least one short story each month. I have three spooky photographic safaris planned so there will be at least that many posts filled with urban decay and atmospheric shots. Hope you can all come along for the ride!